bioCEED articles presented at MNT-konferansen 2017

This year’s MNT-konferansen “Transformative education” took place in Oslo, Hotel Soria Moria on March 30th-31st. bioCEED contributed with 10 articles and corresponding presentations as well as an overview of the goals and activities of the Centre of Excellence. The full list of contributions and authors is found below with links to the articles published in the special edition of the Nordic Journal of STEM Education.


Gender matters!

On March 27th, bioCEED’s student representatives at UiB Ragnhild Gya and Mari Vold Bjordal hosted together with Studentersamfunnet a meeting about unequal participation between genders in the lecture halls and in meetings. For this occasion, they had invited Sehoya Cotner and Cissy Ballen from the University of Minnesota, and Ole-Petter Moe Hansen from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen to present the interesting results from their gender studies related to higher education.

The meeting was video-recorded and is now available here:

NOKUT-frokost hos Universitetet i Bergen: Meritteringsordninger i utdanning

Tid: 8.00-9.30 (frokost serveres fra klokken 7.30)
Sted: Universitetets aula, Museplassen 3, Bergen

Et av de viktigste budskapene i Kvalitetsmeldingen er at utdanning og undervisning skal få høyere status ved universitetene og høyskolene. Merittering er et av forslagene som skal bidra til dette. Dette innebærer å belønne og la utdanningsoppgaver telle mer ved ansettelser og opprykk.